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 Floral & Event Design

1. E-mail us to set-up an appointment for your initial consult. Because our appointments are very detailed and thorough, expect the initial consultation to last approximately 1.5 hours.


2. Appointment locations vary. We are able to meet at our showroom , your venue, etc.


3. Bring as many of the following items as possible with you to the consultation:


  •  Photos of flowers and designs that inspire you.

  • Photos of the bride’s dress and the bridal party.

  • Swatches of your color scheme

  • List of family/friends you will need to supply with personal flowers


4. We will e-mail your estimate as soon as possible after our meeting.


5. A retainer of 1/3 of the estimate total is required to reserve your event date. Our estimates are valid for a two week period, during this period we will not take any inquiries for your date. All dates are reserved on a first come first booked basis.


6. Four weeks prior to the event, a final consultation will be scheduled. During this meeting we will review the estimate and make any necessary changes. Final balance is due at this time.



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