Oftentimes the first question we hear from a new client is, “How much do wedding flowers by Primrose cost?”


The hardest part of determining pricing for custom floral design is that it is custom to each event. It is very difficult to give a blanket pricing structure or a package price.


Many factors go into determining the final price of an event’s florals. Season, quantities of blooms needed, floral color choices, actual flower choices and design complexity all have an impact on the floral bottom line. That is just a few of the variables to consider when pricing wedding flowers. There are many other things that impact pricing as well.


That is why it is best to set up an appointment with Primrose so we can discuss your unique event. When you meet with Primrose you will receive an itemized quote for your wedding flowers. This is really the best way to determine pricing for your event. Please contact us to set-up a consultation.